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Funny Occurrence In Nollywood Movies Which Is Weird

Watching movies is one of the means of relaxation. Today grabbing a Nollywood movie is way lot easier than before. In these Nigerian movies that are quite hilarious scenes which sometimes could be turn off.
Car accident One of the ways' accident is portrayed in Nigerian movie is usually consists of a car driving solo on the road, then the driver starts to scream and hits his head on the steering of the vehicle. Replicating vehicle accidents has been a problem in Nigerian movies. Sex Adult rated Nollywood movies have sex scenes in it but these scenes look very funny and weird due to a number of reasons. First, the women usually ties a towel or wrapper covering almost all of her body while the man usually has his shorts. Second is screaming that occurs. Most times the screaming starts before the couple get hold of each other bodies.  Watching sex scenes in Nigerian movies looks fake most of the time. Spirit Having spirit's is also common in Nigerian movies. There i…