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JAMB versus The University, who wins?

JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) announced 120 score as the cut off mark for admission. This news brought joy to the hearts of those jambites with a low grade. This joy was however short-lived, based on various reactions that followed. The universities been the bone of contention reacted in the opposite direction. A handful of the universities said they were unaware of such arrangement. Other universities have kept mute on the issue while some have voiced a different score for its admission. JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) have reiterated that this change was taken with the knowledge of all the universities and by the universities. JAMB however acknowledged that some universities took a different stance, such been University of Lagos and University of Ibadan. This type of drama was seen last year involving the university and JAMB. During which JAMB announced cancellation of Post-Utme done by the universities. In the end, the Post-Utme was …

An Eyewitness Report involving SARS Officials

On Tuesday last week, SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) were in my neighborhood. Then there was a man standing close to the SARS vehicle. The man was lamenting, saying that he didn't do anything to have been beaten.
At some point, the man got furious and asked the SARS officials to kill him right there. Meanwhile, the SARS officers whom where about to leave, where looking the other way while the man was staging his drama.
However, the man got very serious by taking of his clothes and rolling himself on the ground. People started gathering, while the man was doing his best to hold the SARS officers down so he gets what he wants.
The SARS officials started to leave but the man was following them from behind, then the SARS officers reacted. Some of them started beating the man whilst pushing him away from the vehicle, others where pointing their gun threatening to shoot at him and one of them brought a machete trying to use on the man. At the end, they dragged the man i…

Is Condom Still Relevant?

Personal safety is something of utmost importance. Sex though has many benefits, is also quite adventurous. Today condoms are very much easy to find in kiosks, pharmacy and supermarkets. Condoms although not expensive plays a huge role when going under the sheets.
Sexual Transmitted Disease
Not having protection during sex is a very dicey situation, because there is a lot of diseases at stake in such instance. HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia are some of the diseases easily contacted without been protected. For example, HIV been the most popular has its on perils. These include

StigmaRejectionCost of treatment Death The use of condoms which is not expensive, reduces the chances of contacting these wide range of diseases while having fun. Thus, there is a room for free conscience and money is been saved, since the treatment of these diseases is quite expensive.
Bearing Children
There is always a chance of having a child while not been protected during sex. Well fo…

Three Things Religion does Effectively

At almost every corner in our country, there is a religious entity. Even in remote places like the villages there is usually a form of religion in such places. Having such religious entities have a major impact in certain areas of our life.
A midst the current agitation for break up in the country, one of the elemental fuels is religion. Those pushing for the break up, believe that those on the other side or they on their part of the country should go and be on their own. Reason is that they don't practice same type of religion.
Furthermore, Christianity, Islam and a few other religions are polarized religions. They are polarized against each other. One is believed to be good and the other is seen as bad. The funny thing is, is that each one thinks that theirs is good and the other is bad. In most ways they're both bad. Even in the core of Christianity, Islam and Traditional religions there is such sentiment.
Well I might easily comprehend the divisions in local Tradi…