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What Nobody Tells You About Life That Is Irrelevant

As we grow old, we encounter different experiences and knowledge. However, there are certain issues about life which we get to know or learn at the end of our lives.
Keep reading to see what these issues are so you get informed about it.
Your Degrees and Where You Got It
Having a good degree is great. One gets educated by getting degrees, but degrees doesn't mean you are educated. In fact degrees and level of education does not affect who You are as a person.
How Old You Are
Age is just a number. Getting old brings physical limitations, as such we don't have to making aging a limitation. Let's stay engaged in life by achieving our dreams, start new relationships, learn new things. We should try to make the most of life as long as we have it.
When people get into an argument or fight the phrase ''Do you know who I am is used''. As long, you are doing something you enjoy, your title doesn't matter to the next person.
Life of A Celebrity

10 Safest Countries In The World

War, terrorism and crime instill fear and pain in our minds. In the news, these events are usually the headlines. Besides all these violence reports, there are countries which are considered safe and very peaceful.
The Global Peace Index (GPI) calculates the relative position of nations and regions peacefulness. The index measures global peace based on three categories:

Level of safety and security in society. Extent of domestic and international conflicts.Degree of militarization.  According to the Global Piece Index the countries in the top 10 ranking in 2017 are:

IcelandNew ZealandPortugalAustriaDenmarkCzech RepublicSloveniaCanadaSwitzerlandIreland and Japan In Africa, Mauritius is the safest and very peaceful country, occupying 22nd position in world ranking. Nigeria seats in 149th position in world ranking and 43rd safest in the continent.
At this moment, we should all be asking ourselves if we are making our country peaceful or making it unsafe. Each individual has a role in brin…

Funny Reactions in Rivers State Towards Hoax Speculation

Some weeks ago, there was this story which was posted on WhatsApp which in brief was about how the Nigerian Army where going to primary schools in the south-east and southern part of the country, using their guns to forcefully get the kids vaccinated against the monkey pox virus. Later on the kids who got the vaccine died. On Tuesday 17th October, this story found its way to the streets of Rivers state. A number of schools in different parts of the state, where been used as reference to have experienced such vaccination by the Nigerian army. This resulted in panic by a number of parents with kids. In response some parents had to go to the school of their wards and demand for them. Some of the schools actually released the children and closed learning activities for the day. Many people started to deliberate on why the army would carry out such vaccination and also lament on the state of the country.  In reality check, this speculation that caused this whole drama, is bes…

Ways in which Bribery and Corruption can be removed from the Nigerian Police

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Nigeria a country with over 170 million people, is currently engaged in the fight against corruption. The Nigerian Police is a key area which bribery and corruption is embedded in. Bribery is very common with police officers in road blocks. However, this malaise can be handled through several measures.
Recruit new officers
Everyone in the police force should be fired, yes all 371,800 of them. Harsh as that maybe, these three hundred and seventy-one thousand, eight hundred individuals are linked with bribery and corruption.
Then a new police force should be built based on merits and not nepotism, with significantly better salary than their predecessor. This will remove the need to augment low salary earnings with bribery money.
Establish a powerful deterrent body
This deterrent body will serve as watch dog, always on the lookout on the activities of police officers. This body should be empowered to the extent of punishing and even imprison officers wh…

Ways In Which The Wristwatch Is Useful

Been informed about the time is important so that we can plan the rest of our activities. A wristwatch is one of the devices with which we can know the exact time of the day. Although there are different other devices which can carry out this same function, there are different circumstances which shows that the wristwatch is an invaluable asset. Dead phone batteries With mobile phones it is easy to know what time of the day it is. However, when the battery of our mobile phone dies we cannot know what the time is if we don't have a wristwatch. So the wristwatch could serve as a backup in such situation. During workout While working out is difficult to check the time with our mobile phone because of two reasons. First, since we sweat during workout session our phones and bodies gets covered with sweat when using the phone. Secondly, the weight of the phone in our bodies serves as a burden, this can't be compared to having a lightweight wristwatch.
Fashion piece The wristwatch adds…