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Four Lies that are been told in Nigeria

There are a lot of sayings which are been reiterated from time to time. The statements serve to mold our beliefs. In the real world these statements are lies because they hardly have any grounds. Several of these lies exist however we take a look at four of these prominent lies. Bail is free If you have been at the Nigerian Police counter, then that phrase sounds familiar. Facing detention in the police station irrespective of been innocent or guilty necessitate the desire to seek freedom once again. In the process of seeking bail or freedom it gets funny. The police officers while showing pity for you tell you categorically that bail is free. Before you are set free you will have to pay, the officers at the counter most times will settle for anything you can afford to pay. Youths are the leaders of tomorrow
In elementary school youths are the leaders of tomorrow makes up the lyrics of the rhymes. Politicians and parents use such remark as well. In reality the old hardly move aside so …

9 Examples Of Double Standards In Our Society

Every human likes to think that every action taking is the right one. Double standards present in our society, makes such reasoning to be false. This double standards view cuts across various areas of human life.
In women virginity is a treasure. If after scrutiny the woman is certified to be a virgin, then she is regarded as a queen and in some cases worshiped.  Well, if she is not a virgin, then questions are been asked which is likely followed by insults. For a man virginity is no big deal because no one is interested.
At work
If worker is been owed salary, the management encourages the staff to understand with them. Peradventure the worker goes late to work, the worker is warned or fined by management.
Helping the poor
Over the years there has been the talk of how the poor should be helped and for the gap between the rich and the poor to be closed. Leading these notions are the politicians, actors and actresses. However, these pioneers of this ideology spend a lot of money…

The Tough Test of A Man

As the clock ticks by in the life of a man, the man is been faced with different circumstances as he grows up. These circumstances come with different test on the man. We look at these test as they occur in different stages of a Man's life.
When Growing Up
As a young boy you are been faced with the ordeals of handling one's parent. Midst all the pressure been exerted on the boy child, the child is required to put smiles on the faces of his parents. At some instances putting those smiles go as far as you displease yourself. However, is all worth it so you are not seen as the black sheep of the family.
An Adult
At some point in been an adult you get stucked in getting to please the woman of your dreams. This involves going out of your comfort zone to woo her. Most times getting her involves you spending money on her and buying her gifts. So its all about impressing the girl, which some guys borrow there friends house just to host their crush all in the name of impressing.
A Family…

Top 10 Countries That Spend More On Sex Workers

Selling and paying for sex is illegal almost everywhere around the world. A midst such resistance this business has withered the storm and been around as far back as Bible times down to our own era. A list taken by Havocscope, a company which takes information about activities of the black market, shows how much some countries splash on the dirty deed.
Havocscope got this world's revenue through adding up estimated market values from various countries where the prostitution revenue is available. The figure estimates comes from various sources such public health programs, law enforcement initiatives and media reports.
The list shows that China spends the most on prostitution by a great amount, splashing out $73 billion every year. Spain is in second spending $26.5 billion a year. India, Philippines and Turkey also made the top 10.

China: $73 BillionSpain: $26.5 BillionJapan: $24 BillionGermany: $18 BillionUnited States: $14.6 BillionSouth Korea: $12 BillionIndia: $8.4 …