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Why kidnapper Evans should face the wrath of the law

Recently there has been sympathy shown towards kingpin kidnapper Evans, which has spread to point that he should be freed. However, there are reasons why the law has to take it's course.
Warning example
The Inspector General of Police Mr. Ibrahim Idris position of death sentence towards kidnappers hits the nail on the head. Well if that stiff action is been taken, those other of his colleagues still in business, will realize that they are threading on a thin line. After all, if Evans with all his sophisticated modus operandi, can be caught then that is red flag for his colleagues.
It would encourage the act
People would start to see kidnapping as lucrative form of business and quick way to make money. Don't be surprised that some novice and experts in the trade, would seek for his advice and his skills. Thus leading to increase in kidnapping in the country.
The wounded victims
There are those whom have felt the effect of Evans activities, either directly or indirectly (been the…

Number of children in the family

Children are gifts from God says Psalms 127:3. In our society today the number of children attracts attention from every corner. We take a look at the different ideology surrounding this topic.
Those against it
I attended a wedding where the couple was asked the number of children they would want to have and their answer was four. A lady whom I spoke with sometime ago said hers would be three kids. Most of intending parents and already parents share this perspective. To them a few number is okay. Reasons which vary from the cost of upbringing, to time, stress and the likes. I must say that these reasons are shrewd in themselves.
Yes I do 
87-years old Sekuru Tauzen Mujaji from Zimbabwe who has 108 children can be said to be the pioneers or leader of this group. Sometimes those of little means get in here as well. Or it may be that the victims come through mistake (e.g heard of quadruplets and triplet). This results into large family a midst all the fears and negative attitude displayed…