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The Ordeals of A House Help

Slavery which was abolished several years ago, has taken different forms in modern times. The services of house help can't be underestimated. However, is good to know that these house help (which could either be a child or an adult), face inhumane treatment in some homes where they reside.
Dress code
A visitor can easily recognize the house help from the members of the home, through their dress pattern. True members of the family dress like kings and queens while the house help go about in rags. In some cases, the house help waits for the pretty clothes of the family members to become rags, before the would have access to them.
There is this family that whenever the whole family goes out, the house girl stays back and this happens very often. Well the act may not be that bad in itself, but then again this series of action sends a message to the mind of the house help and it gives chance for evil thoughts to creep into the mind.
When it comes to giving correction…

Challenges of A Driver in the country

Driving is an occupation that men and sometimes women engage in. Though the services of a driver is important there are different factors which serves as setback to the driver.
The Security force
This group is quite large in the country. It includes the Police whom I think is on top of the chain, mobile court, Road Safety officers to name a few. This sect of people in carrying out their duties sometimes miss the mark. In some instance they are seen harassing a driver who may be at fault, extorting seems to be their logo, a strange scenario is when they issue out numbers after collecting the money from the driver.
Sometimes I wonder if these people have a license. They kind of mimic the security officer in some ways. They get agitated if the driver does not pay them from his daily earnings, some go to the extent of seizing the driver keys since they are in group, damaging a part of the vehicle, sometimes they inflict injury on the driver or most times his conductor if the vehicle…

Three Ugly Things that Occurs in Nigerian Universities

University days are times where one gets exposed in different areas of life. There are different encounters which include the good, the bad and the ugly. Today we take a rundown of the ugly incident that occurs.
There is this saying that if you attend a university without experiencing strike, then you have not been to Nigeria. Every here and then rumors of strike sends chills down your spine especially when it is tagged indefinite or warning.
Nigerian universities seems to be the hive of cultist group in the country. Cult groups that are unheard-of in a place, are seen there. Most times having such group in the citadel of learning induces panic, the worst cases scenario leads to violence when there are clashes between the groups and those who are not are associated with the cult groups are sometimes victimized from the group activities.
The fight against corruption should also been targeted towards the academia at this higher level. There are …

Negative wishes for President Muhammad Buhari

Ever since Gen. Muhammadu Buhari won the presidential election, negative concerns have been raised about his health and age.

As of December 2015, I met a man in a taxi who said that he is prophet. The man said that the President Buhari was dead, he used his previous proclamation regarding late former president Umara Musa Yar'Adua to prove his authenticity. There has also been similar prophecy issued by religious clerics, proclaiming death for Mr. President.
Well for every vacation the President Buhari takes, rumors spreads around that the President is dead or bedridden.
Early part of 2017, when the President was on vacation, saw the peak of this gossip. Word was spreading fast on social media to different parts of the country about the death of Mr. President. Top of it all for me was an obituary picture of Mr. President.
 Currently Mr. President is on medical vacation and things are not different from what has been happening in the past.
Sahara reporters published that the Pre…