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Enjoy the latest single Lifeline - Priye Mp3

Feel the vibe from another solo hit track released by Priye titled ''Lifeline''
Download mp3
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10 Wonderful Robert Mugabe Quotes That Would Make You Cheerful

The year 2017 only has a few days before it becomes history. Sadly one thing it will be remembered for is been the year which saw long serving Robert Mugabe vacate the presidential seat. One of his legacy which will be in our mind are his quotes. Therefore, we will take a flashback to some of his quotes that is funny and has wisdom in it.

''How do you convince the upcoming generation that education is the key to success when we are surrounded by poor graduates and rich criminals''.''Respect pregnant women because its not easy walking around with evidence that you had sex''.''Treat every part of your towel nicely because the part that wipes your buttocks today will wipe your face tomorrow''.''No condition is permanent. Even a new generator which sounds like Celine Dion, will one day sound like Shatta Wale''.''Its hard to bewitch African girls these days. Each time you take a piece of her hair to a Witch doctor, eit…

Priye- High Mp3 download

Nigerian born international artist releases hit single titled ''High''.
Download mp3

Enjoy Mp3 download of Faraway- Priye

Another amazing hit by Nigerian born artist. This time he jumps on Masterkraft produced beat. The song is titled ''Faraway''.
Download mp3

Booking flight now made easy for you

With the holidays season spikes an increase in travels. Besides the holiday season, one of the attribute of human is to move from one place to another.
Due to technological advancement transportation is now easier by air.
The good news is, it is possible to book your flight to any part of the world from any part of the world you reside on this blog. How you might ask? On this blog, we have a flight booking page which can be accessed any time of the day.
The flight booking page is very easy to use. Now is worth pointing out that any type of flight can be booked from our flight booking page.
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Gross Things That Happen Only In The Gym That Is Ridiculous

Now we all know that the gym is well-known as a place of rigorous training and exercising. Besides the training there are different actions that plays out which is gross and quite hilarious. Well you might have experienced such or seen it yourself.
Hang on, as we recount some of this gross experiences in no particular order.
Emphasizing weight and rep over form Interestingly this act is quite common with beginners and some few old timers. Emphasis on speed and reps with a weight you cannot lift has a huge disadvantage. Major disadvantage is bad form which is exemplified when the trainee uses the whole body in performing the movement. This use of bad form when lifting poses one to danger of getting injured. So its advisable to use a weight you can comfortably lift and always strive to use correct form while lifting. Now if you cannot lift the weight, you should start with your body weight and with time there will be progress towards the weight.  Using same routine/program Now this is …

The Lamentable Existence Of SARS Continues Midst Rejection

You might wonder what the term SARS is. Well the Special Anti-Robbery Squad which is popularly known as SARS is a unit within the Nigerian Police. Recently a lot of outrageous activities has been linked with this SARS officials.
This has resulted to outcry from the public to put an end to the activities of the group. In support of this outcry was the Inspector General of Police order which gave a call for operations of SARS officials to be brought to halt.
There was more to come regarding the move to end SARS operations in the country.
First was a protest which had a handful of people in it, demanding that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad operation should not be called of. Such activities in a country like Nigeria usually has fire behind it.
Next, was an interview involving one of the SARS personnel. In the interview the SARS official mentioned that it was criminals who were pushing for an end of SARS and that ending SARS would not stop the corruption in the country.
One might think wh…

10 Best Things A Woman Should Buy That Is Under $50

*Please note that this page contains affiliate links which means I would get a commission if a purchase is made through any of the links.
With the increase in the price of commodities, hope of shopping may look bleak. Online stores open a door that welcomes everyone. As a lady trying to be your best, there are items which is nice to have and sells for below $50.
Kevyn Aucoin's The Sensual Skin Enchancer is sold for $48. This Kevyn Aucoin's The Sensual Skin Enhancer contains honey and jojoba which is very good for the skin as part of its ingredients. Its key benefit features is as concealer and highlighter which adds cool finish to the skin.

STS BLUE Alice Ankle Skinny Jean cost $32.97. It has West LA CANADA as its color. Size of this STS BLUE Alice Ankle Skinny Jean ranges from 24-32.

Mini PiƱata Tassel Earrings is the wardrobe MVP, which matches everything you think of. It comes in a number of colors, some of which are black, yellow, red and ivory blue to mention just a few. The…

What Everybody Ought To Know About Type Of Friendship

The dog is called mans best friend due to a number of reasons. Humans been a social creature is also capable of fostering friendship with other humans. In the process of having close ties, there different traits is been exhibited which characterize the friendship.
The true friend One of the main reason of calling someone a friend is because that person will stand behind you when no one will. The biblical tale of Jonathan and David is a candid example. Friendship requires loyalty from all the parties involved. Persons who are this type of friend, give their help in times of need. Parasites Some people choose to become friends because of what they are to gain. So as long as they are gaining from the friendship, they stick with the friendship. When the goldmine which is the yardstick of the friendship is removed, they gradually exit the friendship to look for another source of goldmine. The goldmine which holds the friendship is usually material things.  The double edge swo…