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Lie, what really is a lie?

Lying is probably one of the most common wrong acts that we carry out. Lying has been around right from the onset of man’s existence from the Garden of Eden based on religious theologians. It is said that lying is an unavoidable part of human nature.
What is a lie?
Lying is usually a form of deception. To lie means to make a believed false statement to another person, with the intention that the other person believe that statement to be true.
Thus, a lie has its unique characteristics
·   A lie passes same information
  The liar intends to mislead the other person
· The liar is convinced that what they are saying is not true
From the definition what makes a lie is that the liar has the intention of deceiving the person they are lying to. This does point that, the lie has nothing in relation to if the information given is true or false.
This definition points out that not all lies are false or untrue, but the person making the statement believes it to be false.
Case scenario 1
You are at work and you want to leave earlier than the usual closing time which is say 4:00pm to go for a swim but tell your superior that you got a call from home that your child has been vomiting and stooling ……… you hit jackpot cause it’s an emergency. On getting home around let say 7:00pm you then told about how sick and near death experience your child has been experiencing throughout the day.
We also see that statements that are false may not be a lie, if the person making the statement does not believe it to be false.
The definition also shows that not all lies are untrue, but the person believes that the statement is false.
An example of this is when you are supposed to go see a judge in his office by your boss. It happens that you forget to do that and when asked if you have gone to the office you say that you went but he was not at work that day. Thereafter, it happens that the judge has not been in his office for a week.
Another case where this definition covers, it’s nobody gets deceived because they know you will always tell a lie.
Now what comes to your mind maybe someone who never says the truth, ever met such person before, I think I have done so.
Lying and statement
Some philosophers believe that lying is a statement of some sort. They propose that the liar must actually speak, or write or gesture e.g. nodding one’s head in response to a question.
Others stretch the definition to do nothing or remain silent in response to a question, knowing that these tactics will deceive the questioner.
Other definition cut across living a lie. What may come to the mind maybe those who are hypocrites but flock to places of worship and act as if they are saints, but in contrast heinous act that would leave you shocked
So we can see that lying is something that cuts across each part of our lives, thus there shouldn’t be any doubt while it’s been around for a long time. Ever told a lie before you would have supported one of the characters of self-deceit, a false statement, double life above true statement or misleading someone.


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