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The Ordeals of A House Help

Slavery which was abolished several years ago, has taken different forms in modern times. The services of house help can't be underestimated. However, is good to know that these house help (which could either be a child or an adult), face inhumane treatment in some homes where they reside.
Dress code
A visitor can easily recognize the house help from the members of the home, through their dress pattern. True members of the family dress like kings and queens while the house help go about in rags. In some cases, the house help waits for the pretty clothes of the family members to become rags, before the would have access to them.
There is this family that whenever the whole family goes out, the house girl stays back and this happens very often. Well the act may not be that bad in itself, but then again this series of action sends a message to the mind of the house help and it gives chance for evil thoughts to creep into the mind.
When it comes to giving correction, the house help gets every bit of it, when beating is used they get it more than the members of the family. There was a report from Lagos, of a house boy who was chained and locked in a room which had goats in it for days by his master. Horrible as that may sound, I believe that are still more bizarre stories yet to be told
Engine of the home
In homes where the house help reside, its not uncommon to see these guys carrying out virtually all household activities while the members of the house do almost nothing. Now the strange thing that happens is that, the house help do all these and would be the last to go to bed at night and the first to rise up. That is quite tough for the house help to take.
 Some homes won't function properly without the aid of the house help, although they play a key role they are given little respect. The house help are humans and not machines i.e. they have feelings as humans do. It is time we stop these cruelty say no to maltreatment of house help because they deserve to be respected.


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