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Three Ugly Things that Occurs in Nigerian Universities

University days are times where one gets exposed in different areas of life. There are different encounters which include the good, the bad and the ugly. Today we take a rundown of the ugly incident that occurs.
There is this saying that if you attend a university without experiencing strike, then you have not been to Nigeria. Every here and then rumors of strike sends chills down your spine especially when it is tagged indefinite or warning.
Nigerian universities seems to be the hive of cultist group in the country. Cult groups that are unheard-of in a place, are seen there. Most times having such group in the citadel of learning induces panic, the worst cases scenario leads to violence when there are clashes between the groups and those who are not are associated with the cult groups are sometimes victimized from the group activities.
The fight against corruption should also been targeted towards the academia at this higher level. There are different actors in this field, which include the students and lecturers.
    Sorting: This involves symbiosis association between the lecturer and the student. The lecturers gain more at this end, since the student patronizes in kind, either with money or body for marks.

  • Examination malpractice: Here the key player is the student. During exams, students go to great length to carve out means of copying to pass. One of the strange one is they draw tattoos on their body in the name of exam.
  • Favoritism: In the university man no man influences different activities from who gets appointed to whose name is on the admission list.
     The university should know that in one way or the other this hideous activities affects its image in the eyes of the public and also the rating it gets from the international community.

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