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Is Condom Still Relevant?

Personal safety is something of utmost importance. Sex though has many benefits, is also quite adventurous. Today condoms are very much easy to find in kiosks, pharmacy and supermarkets. Condoms although not expensive plays a huge role when going under the sheets.
Sexual Transmitted Disease
Not having protection during sex is a very dicey situation, because there is a lot of diseases at stake in such instance. HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia are some of the diseases easily contacted without been protected. For example, HIV been the most popular has its on perils. These include

  • Stigma
  • Rejection
  • Cost of treatment 
  • Death
The use of condoms which is not expensive, reduces the chances of contacting these wide range of diseases while having fun. Thus, there is a room for free conscience and money is been saved, since the treatment of these diseases is quite expensive.
Bearing Children
There is always a chance of having a child while not been protected during sex. Well for the young, this is sometimes not a welcome idea Furthering your education becomes a problem since most elementary schools don't welcome such ideology. Then there is scolding from the parent and been labeled the black sheep.
As adults, the cost of raising a child and the commitment it carries brings the feeling of not being ready. This results to denial sometimes.
A midst such circumstances, springs the thought of having an abortion leaving you with should I or should I not do it. Then angel of guilt and regret creeps into the mind.
All these hassle, though tough to take could be easily averted. One's life should be fun. Therefore, it would not be nice to have it screwed with diseases, guilt and regret due to a little precaution overlooked. So be always safe and wrap it up because is important.

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