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Three Things Religion does Effectively

At almost every corner in our country, there is a religious entity. Even in remote places like the villages there is usually a form of religion in such places. Having such religious entities have a major impact in certain areas of our life.
A midst the current agitation for break up in the country, one of the elemental fuels is religion. Those pushing for the break up, believe that those on the other side or they on their part of the country should go and be on their own. Reason is that they don't practice same type of religion.
Furthermore, Christianity, Islam and a few other religions are polarized religions. They are polarized against each other. One is believed to be good and the other is seen as bad. The funny thing is, is that each one thinks that theirs is good and the other is bad. In most ways they're both bad. Even in the core of Christianity, Islam and Traditional religions there is such sentiment.
Well I might easily comprehend the divisions in local Traditional religion, since it appears to be based on ethnicity and region. I don't understand the division in Christianity and Islam because I believe there is only one book that is used as its source.
Religion exerts control on its members either directly or indirectly. Such control usually covers issues which I presume should be based on personal preference. Some of these includes:

  • Marriage
  • The choice of a spouse is influence by religious organization. Most religious bodies usually frown at intermarriage between religious bodies. What is purported is usually intramarriages among a certain religious group. The worst case scenario is there is difficulty in seeing marriages between a Christian and a Muslim. Even in the churches in Christianity, such intermarriages is usually frowned at subtly or frontally.
    The type of marriage is usually determined by religion. Christianity usually presents monogamy to its members which isn't bad though. Any deviation from that which maybe polygamy is not accepted. Well thanks to Late Fela Kuti who was able to break that ideology during his time.

    • Dressing
    In certain religions today what to wear and what not to wear is clearly spell out. In certain places of worship the dressing pattern is posted on sign board at the entrance. Some religious organization have dress code for its members, which appears like a uniform for its members. Anything off this course is not accepted.
    Misleads People
    Religious bodies sometimes parade themselves as healers to health issues. In doing so their members become gullible to everything they offer even on trivial matters.
    There was this woman in Lagos who had fibroid, she sought the help of a man of God. The lady ended up paying N70 million, built two houses and bought two exotic cars all in the name of fibroid healing.
    In mysterious situation, these religious entities either become the first or last resorts. In wielding such powers, whatever action is been taken or said is not taking for granted.
    I believe the purpose of religion is for the worship of God. However, we are not programmed like robots as we engage in religion. The ability to think and freedom should be exerted by members of a religious group it should not be taken over by religious organization.


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