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The Tough Test of A Man

As the clock ticks by in the life of a man, the man is been faced with different circumstances as he grows up. These circumstances come with different test on the man. We look at these test as they occur in different stages of a Man's life.
When Growing Up
As a young boy you are been faced with the ordeals of handling one's parent. Midst all the pressure been exerted on the boy child, the child is required to put smiles on the faces of his parents. At some instances putting those smiles go as far as you displease yourself. However, is all worth it so you are not seen as the black sheep of the family.
An Adult
At some point in been an adult you get stucked in getting to please the woman of your dreams. This involves going out of your comfort zone to woo her. Most times getting her involves you spending money on her and buying her gifts. So its all about impressing the girl, which some guys borrow there friends house just to host their crush all in the name of impressing.
A Family Head
Been the head requires you labor so you can care for both your wife and children. This labor requires you to take risks such as taking loans to offset certain expenses as securing the family future or handling treatment of ailment.
While been a family man, the husband actions is been watched. His actions or in actions is been monitored and given various interpretations. These include:

  • Attitude to His Mum and Wife
If the man still listens to his mother as a husband then he is a mummy's boy if he gives all his attention to his wife then is a slave to the wife.

  • Helps The Wife
  • If he helps his wife in carrying out chores and errands he is seen as a woman wrapper. When no help is been by the husband, then he is labeled as cruel and wicked.
    So throughout the life of a man service is been given to those who are with him at that point in time. In carrying out this duty he is been forced to compromise. No matter the point where the compromise shoves in, its appropriate that a man lives his life while handling the pressure that comes to him


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