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Ways in which Bribery and Corruption can be removed from the Nigerian Police

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Nigeria a country with over 170 million people, is currently engaged in the fight against corruption. The Nigerian Police is a key area which bribery and corruption is embedded in. Bribery is very common with police officers in road blocks. However, this malaise can be handled through several measures.
Recruit new officers
Everyone in the police force should be fired, yes all 371,800 of them. Harsh as that maybe, these three hundred and seventy-one thousand, eight hundred individuals are linked with bribery and corruption.
Then a new police force should be built based on merits and not nepotism, with significantly better salary than their predecessor. This will remove the need to augment low salary earnings with bribery money.
Establish a powerful deterrent body
This deterrent body will serve as watch dog, always on the lookout on the activities of police officers. This body should be empowered to the extent of punishing and even imprison officers who are found guilty.

Better working environment
Been a Nigerian Police has its own perils. From owed salary to poor working tools. This police officers should be given better patrol cars as well as good ammunition. All this would make the police officers discharge their duties without including bribery and corruption in it.
Indeed, these are some few ways I believe the Nigerian Police can be made to stand for what it really is. Pushing bribery and corruption from the force will make huge improvement in the country.


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