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The Lamentable Existence Of SARS Continues Midst Rejection

You might wonder what the term SARS is. Well the Special Anti-Robbery Squad which is popularly known as SARS is a unit within the Nigerian Police. Recently a lot of outrageous activities has been linked with this SARS officials.
This has resulted to outcry from the public to put an end to the activities of the group. In support of this outcry was the Inspector General of Police order which gave a call for operations of SARS officials to be brought to halt.
There was more to come regarding the move to end SARS operations in the country.
First was a protest which had a handful of people in it, demanding that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad operation should not be called of. Such activities in a country like Nigeria usually has fire behind it.
Next, was an interview involving one of the SARS personnel. In the interview the SARS official mentioned that it was criminals who were pushing for an end of SARS and that ending SARS would not stop the corruption in the country.
One might think why deviating points is used in defense by the SARS official. Use of deviating answers is common also in the political arena. Case in point is when accusations is given against a political office holder and deviating point is raised in defense.
At this point, you might ponder why is there resistance and drama in putting a stop on activities of SARS. Here is why:

  • Its interesting to know that the SARS were nicknamed Special Armed Robbery Squad. Funny as that maybe but it can be said to be baseless. A reason for saying so its that among SARS erroneous activities is that they grab you, forcefully take you to the ATM and ask you to withdraw. My dear, that is robbery.
  • Another is the exorbitant fee charges, which those arrested are expected to pay before been released. These high charges do not recognize if you are innocent or not.
  • Lastly is the criminal activity which this SARS officials display in public. Not to mention the incessant killings attributed to them.

So you agree with me that there is much to lose. Hence, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad is holding tight so it won't sink.


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